The future is female – No, our time is now!

The future. It is part of our daily decisions. When we are not ready to take a decision in a certain moment and prefer to ignore our problems, we easily tend to postpone decisions. This has lead to a situation in which we enjoy a comfortable position far away from challenging tasks. But what will then happen with our dreams, talents and passions? We have to abolish this thinking. It is time to use the present and make it beneficial for everybody!


A lot has changed in the last years. The word „feminism“ has arrived in our everyday life with a slight image change. Feminism today is about gender quality. A topic that nowadays is more important than ever. The famous photo from 1975 that showed the musician Alix Dobkin wearing a t-shirt with the title „The Future is Female“ has become a power statement for women worldwide. It embodies strength, change and has a huge symbolic character. But there it is again. The future. Our permanent companion that is always by our side. But perhaps it is finally time to turn the tables and emphasize the now. Thinking the idea of a female future one step further and re-interpret it.


Of course it is easier to wait for the perfect moment. Then a month, a year goes by and you still did not approach your goals. Needless to say that it is not so easy to know your strengths and talents. In most cases we are simply not aware of the things we are good at. Too often we still complain about not being able to do certain things, let alone admitting our strengths. And this should ultimately result in a female future? Rather not. We have to start to make use of our strengths and develop further. That’s not easy for sure and it requires courage. But once you have made the first step it is crucial to keep the pace and go on. Don’t go through this process only on your own. Ask your best friend or family members as they know you and they are the ones that are actually aware of your strengths.

Regardless of our talents, what matters at the end of the day are the small moments of success; the moments in which you receive recognition. Nobody expects you to reach super huge milestones, but rather concentrate on joyful moments such as seeing the happy faces that taste your first chocolate cake or receiving a praise from your boss for your nicely crafted text. What matters is the motivation to go on, taking the next step, trying out new things, being more courageous. Down the road, it is all about being more courageous, isn’t it? Futurologists often speak about a „female shift“ in our society. About better education possibilities, better choices and equality for women. The government and firms mostly approach these changes. But what if I wanted to bring about this change? What if change did not mean to wait until someone takes the decision for me? Taking decisions independently and targeting challenges and dreams are certainly only two ways that show that not only our future is female; such is our present.

I think that female power is so extremely important for our society. That’s why I decided to start a new category, namely „female power“ and present to you women that can change society with their ideas and strength. I did my first interview with a fantastic entrepreneur girl from Germany, which will be published on my blog on the 14th of December (on the day where I present you my idea for a fair Christmas gift). Stay tuned 🙂

Your liveliest,



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