Mindful Growth Essentials – Tips for a powerful and focused life

Who doesn’t like the idea of growing, developing yourself further and tackle new challenges? Also for me this has been an extremely interesting topic for a longer time now. I figured out that observing your environment more attentively and opening up yourself for new topics yields so many benefits. In order to approach this challenge there is plenty of information out there. But for me, there were particularly two topics that piqued my curiosity: personal growth and mindfulness.

By informing myself more and more about these topics I discovered that only a combination of these two makes sense for me. Hence I came up with the idea of „mindful growth“: Developing yourself further, but in a mindful and sustainable manner. For me, a sustainable lifestyle does not end with fair fashion or ecological food. It has to come from your inner self, too.

Two pillars that back me

I don’t know about you, but I am a person that is always full of ideas, but at the end I am kind of stuck in my head and can only implement a fraction of my original ideas. Also if I know that some of my ideas might be thought-provoking or just interesting to learn more about I sometimes lack the ultimate trigger to implement them. This then often leads into a blockade. In addition, we often have lots of negative thoughts, which hinder a positive thinking and make a positive thinking extremely difficult. If in times like now lots of assignments and group work is waiting for you to finish then a good strategy is needed. As I know that lots of us are struggling with exactly these problems, I would like to introduce my mindful growth essentials. These are my two pillars, that back me in my everyday life. You can integrate them easily into your day and you don’t need to invest a lot of time 😉

Pillar 1: Routines

Yes, recurring and regular routines are super important and helpful. They help as to be more focused and feel better in general. And for everybody they are different. I like to breath consciously for five breaths in my bed after waking up and practicing yoga for 10 minutes every morning. But for you, jogging might be perfect or just enjoying a nutritious breakfast while reading the newspaper. Find the routine that is good for you and makes you feel good. Don’t push yourself for something you cannot fully enjoy and that does not help you do find more balance. My routine has helped me to be more focused and start my day more energized and positively.

Pillar 2: Podcasts, Magazines and Co.

Next to my daily routine I discovered some nice things that help me to stick to my goals and provide my with new input. My planner for instance plays a crucial role here. For this year I decided to go for the mindfulness planner  and it really makes my daily life easier and more structured. At the beginning or end of each week I try to write down all important appointments and find a focus for my week. Additionally I discovered podcasts and I just love them! Podcasts are audio blogs that consist of a series of episodes. You will find them for so many different topics depending on what you are interested in. I just love to listen to one or two podcasts before going to bed and relax from my day. My favs rights now are Happy, holy & confident“ by Laura Malina Seiler und „I love Mondays“ by Tim Chimoy (they are both in German). But also magazines are a great source of inspiration. I love the Flow Magazin with its nice illustrations and stories that inspire me for new ideas.

Well, now you have some input for designing your very own mindful growth essentials. I can only warmly recommend you to think of how to make your everyday life being your day and enjoy it. Do you perhaps have any routines or tips to help you to be more focused and more mindful?

Your liveliest,


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