Fair Fashion Beginners: Grey and Black Basics for less than 40€

Yes, they exist! Fair Fashion pieces that are affordable and look great. As a lot of items are on sale now, I went for you through several online shops to find the nicest fair fashion basics in grey and black.

Buy Fair Fashion during Sale

My most valuable tip for fair fashion beginners, but also for enthusiastic fair fashion fans: Buy your favorite fair fashion piece during sale! Yep, I use this tactic, too. At the beginning of a new season I look through the fair fashion brands online and pick one or two pieces that I would really like to have. But I do not buy them at the beginning of the season, nope, I will wait until the end of the season and eventually buy it then. The reason why I do that? Well, in the meantime I will actually reflect upon my buying decision and decide if I really need this new item. This strategy helps to make the moment of joy that you have when you have just bought a new clothing item much stronger and much more sustainable. Give it a try!

In the meantime: Second-Hand and Vintage

I would lie if I said that I don’t like to go shopping from time to time. I do, yes. But differently. When I go shopping I will stroll through flea markets, walk in second-hand shops or watch out for second-hand clothes online on Kleiderkreisel or Mädchenflohmarkt. That’s so much fun compared to pushing yourself through a crowded shopping mall. And if I am lucky, I will even find a similar item compared to the one I actually wanted to buy form a fair fashion brand.

Getting started: Basics, basics, basics!

In order to get the first fair fashion items into your closet I can only recommend you to start with basics. You can build so many different outfits around them and they are wearable for such a long time as they will never go out of fashion.

Here are my fair fashion basics that I found online during Sale (from top left to bottom left):

Grey Pullover with stripes by People Tree made out of organic cotton for 32,32€

 Grey Pullover by hessnatur made out of organic cotton for 34,95€

Black Longsleeve by Armedangels made out of Tencel-Mix for 39,90€

Grey Dress by Miss Green made out of organic cotton for 39,00€

Black Skirt by Armedangels made out of Tencel for  29,90€

Black Pants by hessnatur made out of organic cotton for 39,95€

Black Turtle-Neck Top by Jan n‘ June made out of organic cotton for 39,00€

More Affordable Fair Fashion Inspo

For more affordable fair fashion inspiration I have three other adorable fair fashion bloggers that found some nice sale items:

Happy fair fashion shopping!

Your liveliest,


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    1. Hallo liebe Bella! Ja, gerade zum Einstieg sind Fair Fashion Basics einfach perfekt. Und man hat wirklich lange etwas von den Kleidungsstücken und man kann so viele tolle Outfits aus ihnen zaubern 😉 Liebe Grüße!

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