Integrating yoga into your life – How to get started

Sometimes it is not so easy to approach new topics or establish new routines in your life. A lot of people would like to eat more healthy food, find a new hobby or exercise more. In other words: Finding an activity that is good for you and makes you stronger in your everyday life. For me it was yoga that changed my life. I want to show you how to approach this topic and how to get out the most of it for yourself.

What does yoga actually stand for?

When you start to be interested in a certain topic or you are eager to change something in your life, most of us tend to look for results too quickly. But for yoga this is completely wrong. Yoga is a holistic teaching with asanas (the physical exercise) only being a little part of it. That’s why I recommend you to see yoga as a teaching, that unites our mind and body. On the internet there is plenty of information of yoga and its real meaning. A few days ago I ordered a new book called: „Do Your Om Thing: Bending Yoga Tradition to Fit Your Modern Life“I will let you know how I found the book as soon as I have finished it 😉

When and where to practice yoga?

You can do your yoga practice nearly everywhere. One of my favorite yoga bloggers Juyogi has published a tutorial about how to practice yoga on the plane. A few weeks ago I started to integrate a daily morning yoga practice that only takes 10 minutes of my day. In one of my last blog posts I already wrote about how this routine makes me being more focused and concentrated. Next to my short daily practice I practice hot yoga one or two times a week. I realized that it is extremely good for me and my body and I am always looking forward to the hot yoga sessions. But apart from practicing yoga in the morning, you can also practice it in the evening. Just try out the time that makes you feel good. Concerning yoga courses in the gym I can say that I prefer going to a „real“ yoga studio where the teachers pay more attention to each and everyone’s practice and I also love the atmosphere of yoga studios. But you have to find the best alternative for you!

Hatha, Yinyasa, Yin Yoga und Co.

At the beginning I was quite confused with all these different forms of yoga. But actually it is not that complicated as you can see in a summary of the most important yoga forms.

Yoga Tutorials on Youtube

I love yoga tutorials on YouTube! Every morning when I do my sun salutations I listen to a yoga tutorial by „Mady Morisson. I really like her videos and you can perfectly start your day with her videos. But also the videos Yoga with Adriene are great and are perfect for all yoga levels. Corinna from the blog „Kissen und Karma“ recommended on her blog Adriene’s 30 days of yoga series. Especially for beginners these 30-minute videos are awesome.

 My Favorite Fair Fashion Yoga Brands

Of course there are some fair fashion brands that offer some really nice yoga clothing. In one of my blog posts I have already presented you my Hot Yoga Essentials. Here are my favorite yoga brands:

Hati Hati Apparel

Mandala Fashion 

Under the same sun


Hey Honey Yoga

I wish you a great time exploring your very own yoga practice and I you have been practicing yoga for a while now, I would love to listen to your experiences and beginnings.

Your liveliest,



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