Spring Capsule Wardrobe: 5 Basics, 3 Looks

A decent shopping trip to celebrate the beginning of spring? No chance. Not in my wardrobe. I want to show you today how you can create three stylish spring outfits with only five basics. A capsule wardrobe for spring so to speak.

Shopping Mania – Bye bye!

There he is, Mr. Spring. Still a bit hesistant, but he does his best. A few years ago I took the seasons as excuse for my extensive shopping trips. I was convinced that it was necessary to buy the 21st T-Shirt and the 10th pair of jeans. I enjoyed the time I could spend with my friends strolling through the shopping mall on a Saturday afternoon. Yep, that was my life two years ago. Today I look forward to browsing through my wardrobe to discover all my nice spring and winter clothes every season again. I just love to spend my weekends on flea markets or my favorite second hand shop as I already told you here. But what I actually wanted to say here: Before you go out and buy new clothing, take some time and go through your closet. I am sure that you will discover lots of nice pieces that you can wear now in spring. It is not about how much you possess, but what you make out of your possessions.

5 Basics, 3 Looks

I can tell you a lot about how important it is to shop less and that you should go through your closet and wear the clothing you already own. That’s why I selected five basics (which by the way are really my favorite basics right now) that can be combined so that you will be able to create three awesome outfits. And the best thing: it doesn’t cost you anything and is super easy. Let’s go ?

The 5 Basics

My five Basics, which I selected for you:

  • Striped Shirt (Longsleeve or T-Shirt)
  • Denim Jacket
  • Black Culotte (Mine is made by Armedangels) or other pants
  • Single-color, long-sleeved (oversize) blouse
  • Favorite Dress (Mine is made by Jan n‘ June)
Outfit #1: Culotte (or other pants) + Blouse (+Denim Jacket)

The first outfit is composed of your culotte or other pair of pants and a single-color blouse. You can either wear the blouse open or you button it up. In case it is a bit chilly outside I would recommend you to wear a denim jacket on top.

Tip: If you wear a culotte, you can wear a thin pair of tights under it. I love my dotted pair of tights from Swedish Stockings.

Outfit #2: Favorite Dress + Blouse (+Denim Jacket)

The second outfit centers your favorite dress together with a one-colored blouse. I would recommend you to knot the blouse in front. If you possess a tunic or a longer blouse, you can wear it over your dress buttoned-up so that your dress basically becomes a skirt. Again, you can decide whether to wear it together with a denim jacket or not.

Tip: To make the outfit a bit more casual, you can wear a nice pair of (white) sneakers. I love my Veja sneakers I purchased one year ago.

Outfit #3: Culotte (or other pants) + Striped Shirt (+Blouse or Denim Jacket)

The last look is composed of your culotte, the striped shirt and the blouse or the denim jacket. Combining these three pieces you will have a casual, but at the same time also classy outfit. You can of course leave out the blouse or denim jacket, but in case your blouse is oversize I love to wear it together with a culotte and the striped shirt

Tip: Why not adding some nice jewellery to this outfit? Kim wrote an article about fair jewellery on her nice blog „kimgoesoeko„. I personally like delicate and minimalistic jewellery, as offered by  People Tree or Jyoti.

P.S.: In case you are looking for more Capsule Wardrobe Inspiration, I can warmly recommend you to have a look at Lisa’s blog called „at/least“, where she introduces her 10×10 capsule wardrobe challenge for this spring.

The photos are from my weekend trip to Lisbon in March and demonstrate you how I wear outfit #3 😉

Your liveliest,


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