Raise your voice: Fashion Revolution 2017 in Germany and Sweden

During seven days, from the 24th until 30th of April, the  yearly Fashion Revolution Week takes place. There will be events worldwide with the aim of fighting for a fair fashion industry and I summarized nice events in Sweden and Germany. I teamed up with Kim  (Blog Kim goes öko) and we asked  ourselves: Who made my clothes?

When I decided to stop buying fast fashion clothes more than two years ago, my wardrobe changed a lot. I started to use my voice as consumer and support sustainable and fair fashion labels. Also Kim chose to go this way with her blog Kim goes öko. For both of us, transparency and fairness have become central principles. Therefore, it was finally time to fight for a fair fashion industry together!

Fashion Revolution in Sweden

As Kim also lives in Sweden she teamed up with the Swedish firms Something Borrowed and Swop Shop presenting their concepts and contributions for a sustainable fashion industry. Something Borrowed is a rental system where you can subscribe and rent on a monthly basis up to 6 items (read her super nice blog post here). Swop Shop is an offline shop in the heart of Malmö to swap clothes with your peers.

It’s important to know alternatives. I’m giving two the stage, enabling clothing sharing (Yes, I’m a sharing economy freak because of my thesis) both online and offline. Digitization can support convenience, while having the satisfying feeling of online shopping. But browsing the store can never be replaced in its symbolic value (Kim Gerlach).


Also, I will be active during Fashion Revolution Week in Malmö. Together with Pitupi and Repamera I will be organizing a Kids Workshop for DIY, Care & Repair. The workshop provides the kids with a hands-on opportunity to transform something old into something new again. Also, the kids will be able to learn all about basic clothing care and repair with local business Repamera. Additionally, children can turn old clothes into cute new tote bags with Pitupi, an ethical, sustainable children’s clothing brand! I just love the idea of showing children how important it is to value our clothes and make them understand that clothing is something that can actually be repaired and should be taken care of. For adults, there will be also a panel discussion at Minc in Malmö on the 26th of April with Swop Shop, Pitupi and Repamera as speakers. Do not miss this opportunity either 🙂 Another event in Lund that can be interesting especially for students is Lund’s biggest clothing swap on the 27th of April organized by Oikos Lund. You can bring your clothes to Café Athen from 18-18:30 and swap them for new clothing from 19-21:00. I am sure this will be a lot of fun!


Kim already described in her Kick-Off Post how the Fashion Revolution movement evolved and why it is so important to carry the message further. For me, this really means to make use of your voice as consumer and speak out your opinion. My and also Kim’s vision is a fashion industry with rights for everybody where sustainability and fairness are at the forefront.

Fashion Revolution in Nuremberg

During the actual fashion revolution day on the 24th of April I will be on tour in Nuremberg. I will talk to Susanne (founder of the fair fashion label Trikotesse) and Irina (store manager of the second-hand store VINTYS) about the future of a sustainable fashion industry. For me it is really important to demonstrate that a fair fahsion industry is possible 🙂


A Haulternative does center the idea of the story of a garment, not the amount of clothing, as it is often the case for conventional fashion hauls. Together with Kia Lindroos I will make a video about the stories of our garments during the Fashion Revolution Week.

Fair Fashion E-Book

Another great project is the fair fashion e-book. Together with lots of other great fair fashion bloggers there will be published an e-book on the 24th of April. It will be full of great fair fashion stories and background information. Stay tuned 🙂

Let’s all start a fashion revolution!

Your liveliest,


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