Clothing Love Story – My first Haulternative

It’s Fashion Revolution Week. And therefore the perfect opportunity to stroll thorugh our wardrobe and remember all the great stories behind our garments. Unique moments instead of shopping mania. Storytelling instead of fast fashion. Together with Kia Lindroos I did my very first Haulternative and we had a lot of fun together!

As I have already told you in my last blog post I planned some really nice projects for Fashion Revolution Week and met great and inspiring women. When I meet great women that follow their dreams and make the best out of their own lives, I am always so inspired by their enthusiasm and visions. That’s exactly what also happened when I met Kia last week.

Vegan Beauty Startup Kia-Charolotta

For more than one year Kia has been working on her business idea and founding her startup Kia-Charlotta. With her idea to build up a cruelty free and vegan beauty brand she makes such an important contribution to a more sustainable beauty industry. I think that not only the fashion industry, but also the cosmetics industry has to be more sustainable and cruelty free. Her vegan nail polish will be launched already this summer, so stay tuned for more information here on my blog! If you want to know more about vegan cosmetics, a healthy lifestyle and receive some insights into the life of an entrepreneur, then do not miss Kia’s awesome YouTube Channel Kia Lindroos 🙂

What is a Haulternative?

The idea behind a Haulternative has been conceptualized by Fashion Revolution. The NGO wanted to start a countermovement against conventional Fashion Hauls, where girls proudly present their latest Primark and H&M purchases (often several bags full of garments!). So a Haulternative basically gives you the opportunity to share your stories behind your favorite clothes. These can be stories about fair fashion, second-hand, vintage or DIY clothing items. A really cool idea, right? Have you perhaps already done a Hauternative or would like to do one? I can just recommend it because it is really a lot of fun 🙂 But for now have fun watching the video!

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